MAG 5100W

The SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W is an electromagnetic flow sensor designed to meet ground water, drinking water, waste water,
sewage or sludge applications.


The main applications of the SITRANS F M electromagnetic flow
sensors can be found in the following fields:
• Water abstraction
• Water treatment
• Water distribution network (leak detection management)
• Custody transfer water meters
• Irrigation
• Waste water treatment
• Filtration plant (e.g. reverse osmosis and ultra filtration)
• Industrial water applications


The flow measuring principle is based on Faradays law of electromagnetic induction according to which the sensor converts
the flow into an electrical voltage proportional to the velocity of
the flow.


The complete flowmeter consists of a flow sensor and an associated transmitter SITRANS F M MAG 5000, MAG 6000 or

MAG 6000 I.
The flexible communication concept USM II simplifies integration
and update to a variety of fieldbus systems, e.g. HART,
DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP and PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
or Modbus RTU/RS 485.

• DN 15 to DN 1200 / 2000 (½” to 48"/78”)
• Stock program of MAG 5100 W secures short delivery time
• Connection flanges EN 1092-1 (DIN 2501), ANSI, AWWA, AS
and JIS.
• NBR Hard Rubber and Ebonite Hard Rubber liner for all water
• EPDM liner with drinking water approvals
• Hastelloy integrated grounding and measuring electrodes
• Increased low flow accuracy for water leak detection, due to
coned liner design (Article No. 7ME6520, DN 15 to 300 mm
(½" to 12")).
• Drinking water approvals
• Suitable for direct burial and constant flooding
• Custody transfer approvals
• Build-in length according to ISO 13359; the standard includes
sizes up to DN 400.
• Easy commissioning, SENSORPROM unit automatically uploads
calibration values and settings.
• Designed so patented in-situ verification can be conducted.
Using SENSORPROM fingerprint.
• Custody Transfer option for water billing, with type approval after
OIML R 49 and verified according to MI-001 - 0D inlet/ 0D outlet

- pattern approval OIML R 49 (Denmark, Germany)
- conforms to ISO 4064 and EN 14154 for mechanical flowmeters
- PTB K7.2
• FM Fire Service Meter (Class Number 1044) for automatic fire
protection systems
• Meets EEC directives: PED, 97/23/EC pressure directive for
EN1092-1 flanges
• Simple onsite or factory upgrade to IP68/NEMA 6P of a standard
• MCERTS approval for UK environmental market




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